CloudTrailer Portable Camera Mast System(Cellular)

CloudTrailer™ Inexpensive camera skid with HD PTZ camera of your choice delivered anywhere in USA/Canada. CloudFrame now offers its Solar, Wireless and camera packages in a portable mast camera skid/trailer system . We can mount practically any of the cameras on the market today, as well as thermals (Oil and Gas). Optional Large local storage and other options.


Telescoping Tower Specifications

Height Extended with Mast

28' (Mast has three sections 10', 20' height included)

Height Retracted

3' 9"

Wind load limit extended at winds of 60 MPH

3 sq. feet

Wind load limit retracted at winds of 100 MPH

4.5 sq. feet

Number of Sections


Tower Material

1/8" Square rolled steel (USA)

Mast Size

25’ (sections can be removed to make 10' or 20')

Width of Base Tower Section

10' high

Width of Middle Tower Section


Width of Top Tower Section


Weight of Tower

100 lbs.

Weight of Tower & Trailer Combined

1200 lbs.

Trailer Specifications


Jacks 2000 Lbs

Overall Road-Ready Dimensions

4' W x 12' 6" L (including tongue) 3' 9" H


13” for better clearance

Ball Coupler

1 7/8" ball


Turn & Brake


Galvanized trailer, diamond plate floor, power coat mast

Guy wires Four included

Outrigger Jacks

Side of trailer
Portable Mast Option and Features
  1. 300 Watts at 17 Amps (peak) of solar power (Additional panels can be added) . Class 1 Division 2 solar modules available for Oil and Gas applications.
  2. Optional 600 watt model for NE,PAC NW and Canada or Dula PTZ cameras.
  3. Cellular with GPS standard and optional WIFI of any frequency as a dedicated bridge for HD camera performance.
  4. Up to four cameras can be powered.
  5. WebMonitor provides remote functions for dead camera ping reset, reset and power off, Solar parameters and timer functions.-Plus many more features for remote contol of entire system.
  6. 300 AMP hours of backup power (more AH backup can be added up to 1800AH)
  7. 24/7/365 operating time.
  8. MPPT (Maximum Power Point) Solar charge controller.
  9. Local DVR Storage up to 3TB (optional)
  10. PA System(optional)
  11. 30' mast.
  12. Large utility box.
  13. Solar Panel Bracket(s) and expansion for additional solar panels if needed (up to 600 watts).
  14. 14" wheels mounted under springs for better ground clearance.
  15. 4 Jacks and elongated jack mounts allow for removal of tires if necessary.



CloudWall and CloudMap Presentations


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