CloudPush™ Serverless RTMP push


CloudPush™ allows live streaming of your video without the need of local computer or encoder software . We can push to You Tube, Face-book or any RTMP host. Perfect for cameras in remote locations. Run any number of cameras on your social media or video Channels. Allow CloudFrame to manage your cameras output and what to apply it to.

Features and Options:

1.No Trans-coding software or local computer needed.
2.Tier 1 to Tier 1 connection to popular sites like You Tube and Face-book
3.Cameras can be in any location and no need to connect your network
4.Any bit rate up to 4k can be configured.
5.RTMP or RTP, Unicast or Multicast
7.All major video streaming platforms supported.
8.Annual and multi-year service available
9. Once stream is in the system other CloudFrame services are available (Recording, Trans-rating and Trans-coding)
11.Public, Private and Unlisted supported.
12.Publish multiple events at once. Events can run 24/7/365



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