CloudCam Roadside, Construction site and Survelliance Solar camera system

Ideal for road construction areas

CloudCam™ Reuseable/retaskable solar powered IP and WIFI/Cellular roadside/surveillance camera power system. Will drive any POE or 24VDC/AC Camera of your choice delivered anywhere in USA/Canada. Easily mounts to any type of pole or structure. 24/7/365 operation. 336 version shown, however less expensive NEMA 3r standard power box available.


Standard features:

  1. 18 Amps of solar panel and panel mount.
  2. GFI and surge protection
  3. 24/7 operation.
  4. NEMA 3r Battery box that holds two batteries. 4 battery type 31 systems available.
  5. Dedicated HD wireless camera bridge (12 KM range LOS).
  6. POE AT/AF or 12,24,48 volt power for the camera(s).
  7. POE for four cameras.
  8. All wiring and mounts for all components.
  9. Tempature sensors for optimal solar charging.
  10. Optional DVR can be installed.


CloudWall and CloudMap Presentations


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