Secure Infrastructure

CloudSecure is a security framework that will limit access to the camera streams in existence for our customers. Conceptually, an external consumer of the streams will need to login into a secure portal behind which streams can be selectively revealed.

The portal site is a web-based application which will grant access to existing streams and content based on specific user privileges. The nature of these privileges can be customized to encompass any function or groups of functions that the administrators wish to restrict.

The following is a list of functions that the portal application will offer to back-end administrators of the system. Additional features or modifications to existing functions are also available in response to specific requirements:

  • Comprehensive Admin User/Feed Consumer Profile Management
  • Feed consumer access and rights management
  • Usage Reporting
  • Feed Consumer Public Portal Site
  • HTTPS stream URLs
  • PCI/DSS Level 3 Compliant framework and setup
  • Cloud-based infrastructure setup and configuration of relevant component architecture
  • SMS Communications
  • E-mail Communications

Additional security is optional, however it is strongly recommended.