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Live Streaming Services

CloudStream™ professional streaming service

LIVE Traffic Cameras Feeds will stop after a pre-set 15 second interval Press play after stop and feeds play for 10 seconds

Cloudstream™ allows live streaming of your traffic, police and municipal cameras without adding additional stress to your networks. A professional service designed for hundreds and even thousands of cameras. The CloudStream™ service allows you to broadcast traffic and other cameras (special events, security areas etc..) to hundreds of thousands of thousands of viewers, if desired and no one will notice a drop in performance. Secondly CloudStream™ come with various software utilities for viewing including CloudWall™ and CloudMap™ and other custom viewing solutions are available. Allow CloudFrame to manage your cameras output and what to apply it to.

Features and Options:

1.Simple service brings cameras online instantly.
2.Low latency instant on streaming for desktops , cell phones and other devices
3.No degrading of your network traffic or internal hardware needed
4.Trans-coding and Trans-rating
5.Cameras can be locally trans-coded or trans-rated (local hardware needed)
6.Recordings can be triggered and stored for any timeframe and even years. Can be local too if necessary.
7.Tiered-level storage options available
8.Snapshots and time-lapse if needed.
9.Annual and multi-year service available
10.Revenue sharing programs available
11.CloudMap™software  allows millions of users the ability to view the stream on a map background with no additional stress to your website.
12.CloudWall™ camera wall software. Place several to hundreds of cameras on a single view or multi-views


CloudWall and CloudMap Presentations


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