Cellular Data Connections

CellStream™ Cellular M2M data and streaming by the Bucket

CellStream™ allows customers to purchase large amounts of cellular data by the GB for all types of data needs (Temporary Traffic Studies, Construction Site Monitoring, Remote Camera Streaming, Signal Monitoring..etc.). The customer does not receive monthly bills and only needs to refill their bucket once it gets to a critical level. SIM connectivity is billed annually at an extremely low rate per SIM card. CloudFrame brings dependable cellular data connectivity over the customers own private cellular network provided by CloudFrame. See features below

Combine with CloudStream service and distribute Video and Data to many clients for 125% decrease in cellular costs.

Features Applications
  • All fees and taxes are included when you purchase data
  • 4G LTE, Cat-1, Cat-M services
  • Private cellular network (data does travel over public Internet)
  • Direct connect to AWS (not a VPN but an actual private network)
  • Existing equipment can be used, just change the SIM card
  • Routers are available for us per-configured and instant on (4G, Cat-M..etc.).
  • Additional security can be added to verify users or to stop unauthorized use
  • Monthly reports
  • Bucket emptied Kb data units
  • Camera streaming from remote areas (see CloudStream)
  • Temporary Cameras (see CloudTrailer or CloudCam)
  • Data devices not yet connected to fiber but data is needed (back-haul)
  • Device monitoring
  • Instant cellular fail-over
  • IOT devices
  • M2M device
  • Solar based units (i.e. CloudCam and CloudTrailer)



Call us at 305-597-3980 or info@cloudframestreaming.com for information. Solar powered portable units available.
Ask about CloudCam and CloudTrailer



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